LED watch MK I part 1


My brother and I have for a long wanted to build an LED watch and this is the result.
The construction is build around a 18F4620 PIC from microchip, a DS1307 realtime clock, a onboard DS18S20 thermometer and an IR receiver and you can control the watch with a small Apple aluminum remote. As an option it is possible to connect an extra DS18S20 thermometer to the watch for e.g. an outdoor temperature measurement.

Update! We have updated the watch with a DS18B20 thermometer with a higher temperature resolution (0,1C) and the possibilty to connect the add on pcb with a humidity and barometric sensor plus a weather prediction functionality based on changes in the barometric pressure. Obs! both LED watch and LED watch add on pcb must be updated to run our newest firmware to enable these functions.

Update! IR code optimized and made more robust against erroneous codes and remote response improved.

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Don't forget to check out this video showing the watch in operation (old version with DS18S20).

Update! We have also uploaded a video of the new version with DS18B20 and the add on pcb on the LED watch add on pcb web site.

Projects files:

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