Good electronic shops


Here are links to all the shops where we buy our parts.:   RS has all kinds of components, a bit pricy but a speedy and reliable part supplier.   Reichelt has all kinds of components and reasonable prices too, and they know accept credit card, yes!   Tubes, and tube parts. Nice shop, uses DPD as courier to Denmark!   Very nice transformer builder, pricy but very good quality.   Make our front- and backplates in aluminium, very good quality work!   Tube and tube parts, located in Denmark.   Tube and tube parts, reasonable prices too. Just fax order and creditcard number, uses DPD as courier to Denmark.   Tantalum resistors, tubes etc. Many nice audio parts.   Sells the universal remote UFB801 we use for 4.99€, a good bargain.

  Hong Kong based shop with lots of exciting goods, eg. RCA connectors in pure silver.   K & K audio with many good hi-fi kits   REALsoftware home of REALbasic software   Many good old jazz and classic LP's republished in 180 gram edition   We use a programmer from Elnec to program all our PIC's, very reliable and always updated free programming software.   Most of our PIC programs are written in PicBasic PRO from melabs.   A very good sound editor, we use it for trimming and converting our adpcm soundfiles.   Creator of sPlan an inexpensive and very capable schematic editor, great value for money.   Supplier of high current mpx connector, actually made for electric model areoplanes.   Large hobby, toy and electronics shop, cheap postage to Denmark.   Large Polish based electronics shop, and a good alternative to Recihelt.   Nice Danish based electronics shop.   Nice Danish based electronics shop.   If you are looking for cables, electronic converters of any kind you have come to the right place, and fast and excellent service too.   Supplier of polypropylene capacitors, and Hypex modules among a lot of other stuff.