IR extender for Philips RC5/6 remotes


My brother has bought a new PC, with Windows media center edition. This can be controlled through remote control, very clever except that the USB remote control receiver is limited to 5 meter cable, which is not enough as the computer is not placed in the living room, so what do you do? You build an IR extender, which can receive the IR signal in the living room and transmit it again where the PC is placed. On the back of the IR remote is says RC6, which is a Philips IR standard, check out the details on the SB projects web, you can find a link to SB projects on our Links web page. We have tested the IR extender with Windows media center edition ehome receiver (RC6) and a Philips video recorder (RC5) IR remote controls with very fine results. Beware; it probably will not work with e.g. Sony remotes!

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