Kamstrup Multical 401


Not so long ago I changed current supplier and as the new supplier provide less detailed data regarding my consumption I searched the web and that lead me to an interesting web site where you can buy a inexpensive very well made infrared reader with a 3D printed enclosure: https://wiki.hal9k.dk/projects/kamstrup 

After receiving and building the IR reader I discovered that I can use the IR reader on my district heating meter a Kamstrup Multical 401 model, much nicer to mess about with inside my house than my current meter which is located outside, especially in a wet and rainy March month!
Searching for software for that task lead me to https://forum.m.nu/viewtopic.php?t=4477 I adapted the software a little bit to my needs and corrected an error and now you can download the code and try to improve it!

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