Good DIY electronic websites


Here are links to some good DIY electronic websites that has inspired us:   Nelson Pass DIY projekts, a very nice Pass (x)ono phono
preamplifier   Lesha's very nice no oversampling DAC based on TDA1541.   Very good DIY audio forum, with a nice Nelson Pass section.   Nice preamplifier with PGA2310 volumecontrol.   Nelson Pass's own DIY website.   Nelson Pass service manuals to First Watt projects.   Many good tube DIY projects.   Many good tube DIY projects in Deutsch.   Many good DIY audio projects.   Good TDA1541 and TDA1543 DIY projects.   Good TDA1543 DIY project.   TDA1543 Nonoz III DAC.   Many good tube DIY projects.   Many good tube headphone DIY projects.   Many good PIC from microchip projects.   Good relay audio attenuator.   Usefull info regarding IR remote protocols.   Nelson Pass ready made PCB's and schematics.   Use this free software to print pdf files in the right scale.
LED mood lamp   Toon Beertsen LED mood lamp.   Buckeye Triumphs Air/Fuel Monitor webpage.