Here are some of the questions we have been asked frequently regarding the DIY projects on this webpage.

Q: Do you produce and sell ready-made PCB's? 
A: No unfortunately we don't have time to do this.
Q: Will you make the missing schematics for all your projects? 
A:  Update! My brother has finished drawing the missing schematics, 53 new schematics all in all!
Please note that we will not draw or reproduce any of Nelson Pass's schematics due to his copyright, please don't ask us for these!
Q: The components designators on the PCB and the schematic are not the same? 
A: Yes you are right, the PCB was drawn first and the schematic was drawn later. They were drawn in two different program suites and we have not exchanged data between the PCB and the schematic as this is not possible to the best of our knowledge.
Q: Can I get a copy of the PIC source code or the original PCB file? 
A: No the projects on this web are for DIY only, and nobody shall make money on these projects.
Q: I want to draw the PCB by hand, but the PCB file(s) appears to be mirrored? 
A: Yes the PCB file(s) are mirrored, ready for photo PCB making. You have to print the pdf file mirrored to correct this. Tip: use Foxit Reader to print the pdf files.
Q: The printed PCB pdf file seems to be out of scale? 
A: Yes it is very important that you check the scale with a ruler and correct print scale if necessary. Tip: use Foxit Reader to print the pdf files.
Q: Can I have a components order number list e.g. an excel file?  
A: No unfortunately this is not possible, many of our projects are build some time ago and the order files are lost.
Q: Are any of your finished apparatus for sale? 
A: No we don't have any apparatus for sale at the moment.