Advanced shooting trainer


My brother has build a advanced version of his shooting trainer:

The hardware are improved on the following areas:
a) a large clear blue/white back lit LCD display,
b) a more powerful buzzer with option to disable it,
c) new possibility to connect external equipment eg. a red and green signal lamp,
d) and option for an external 12V power supply.

The control software is improved with a 250 times repeat function in all training modes, very useful if you want to repeat the same discipline over and over.

As with old version you can use the speed shooting trainer / timer to practice:
1) speed shooting, measuring (with a microphone) the time between 5 shots fired as fast as possible,
2) 25 meter standard pistol,
3) 25 meter sport pistol,
4) Terrain pistol.

Light controller:

We have now designed and build a red/green light controller that can be connected to the speed timer. Beside the light controller we have also designed and build to different kinds of red/green light signals. The first one consists of a red and a green led cluster from Kingbright each containing 50 LEDs. The second one consists of a 50 cm red and 50 cm green led array each containing 30 powerful SMD LEDs.
The light controller and light signals can be used at the shooting range to practice different kinds of shooting disciplines where time plays a role.
The light controller is connected to the speed timer through a cable with RJ9 (4P4C) connectors. It is possible to daisy chain more the light controller or to use it together with the voice module. It uses a 15V DC power supply and converts the signals from the speed timer into a two-wire 15V DC max 1A signal. This makes it possible to use a cheap main cord between the light controller and the light signal. When the red light is on the polarity is plus at one wire and minus at the other one. When the light goes green the polarity swaps.
How does it work?
When the speed timer shows “Ready” on the display the red light will turn on. When the speed timer shows “Fire” the light will go from red to green. When the speed timer shows “Stop” the light will go from green to red. When the shooting has finished and the speed timer shows “Finished” the red light will turn off. If you interrupt the shooting by pressing the button on the speed timer, the red or green light will turn off. If the battery voltage in the speed timer gets to low, the light will start flashing red/green rapidly.

Voice module:

The voice module simulates a track shooting commander and gives the following commands: Ready, Fire, Stop and Finished controlled by the (new) speed trainer/timer. If the battery voltage gets low in the voice module or in the (new) speed trainer/timer, the voice module will of course also tell you this with: Low Battery.
As you may have noticed the voice module has two RJ9 (4P4C) ports, and this makes it possible to daisy chain more than one voice modules.

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