Raspberry Pi PIC programmer


If you own a Raspberry Pi (fx a Raspberry Pi zero WH as I do), you also have a PIC programmer, all you need is 5 wires, a breadboard, a 470 Ohm resistor, and some software.

Go to PICPgm and follow the installations guide and connect your PIC as described (see my example for a 12f1501 below).

One important thing to remember is that your PIC has to support 3.3 Volt programming mode and you have to program the PIC at that voltage otherwise you will damage your Raspberry Pi. One more thing to remember is that the Raspberry Pi distinguish between small and capital letters and you will get a strange error message about the configuration is not readable as I did if you repeat mine error!

Rasp 3.3V 1-|¯¯U¯¯|-8 Rasp GND
          2-|     |-7 Rasp #26 
          3-|     |-6 Rasp #13
Rasp #5   4-|_____|-5

Rasp #26 --|470 Ohm|-- Rasp#19