We try to follow these guidelines when we design and build our audio electronics:

Simple designs often "sound" better than complex ones e.g. triode over pentode vacuum tube constructions, that is why we prefer single ended class A constructions with vacuum tubes and mos fets.
We try to aviod op amp's, and if this is not possible we use types designed for audio e.g. the OPA134.
If we can't avoid capacitors in the signalpath, we try to use polypropylene or silver mica as they "sound" better than polyester.


We like to design good constructions where we add extra functionality by incorporating Microchip PIC's.

An example is our EL84 amplifier, where we have added a PIC which delay the high voltage switch on, until the vacuum tube heating filament is functional, thus increasing the active life of the vacuum tube.




In our opion computer programs have to be simple, self explaing and funtional, and we try to follow this guideline when we develop software.

We like to develop small tools that make everyday life easier, e.g. a heatsink calculator or the Lundahl MC stepup transformator calculator, or our IR datalink used to configure many of our constructions.