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  • en 6H30 SRPP preamplifier MK II

    Description: The time had come to revisit our 6H30 SRPP preamplifier as my brother needed a preamplifier between his PH3 RIAA and 6C33 single ended 15Watt. He had a few...
  • en 6h30 SRPP preamplifier

    Description: My brother and I have build a preamplifier with 6H30 double triode in SRPP mode. We have chosen the same design we used in our tuner as we like...
  • en 18650 charger pcb

    Description: If you are interesseted in LED tourches or e-cigarettes your will sooner or later become acquainted with the 18650 Lithium Ion battery cell. Actually the 18650 is also used in...